26 Eye Catching Blue Kitchen Designs

26 Eye Catching Blue Kitchen Designs-title

There are many who would argue that blue is the most versatile color in existence. When it’s used in your home, it can add spark and vibrancy, all without being overpowering like other colors can be and often are. For this reason, many enjoy employing blue in their kitchens. It makes a kitchen space an inviting place to be in, all while serving to make that kitchen an attractive and inviting place to entertain guests.

Given how versatile blue is, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it’s used to great affect in a great many kitchen designs. For example, blue is employed with the same elegance in contemporary kitchen designs as it is in retro or country designs. Likewise, splashes of blue can be used with other colors to create an even more dramatic effect, something that many homeowners want these days.

If you’ve been considering a blue color scheme for your new kitchen design, then take a peek at these 26 eye-catching blue kitchens. They run the gamut of different styles and aesthetics, which means that you’re sure to find something that can serve as an inspiration for the design of your own kitchen!

1. Retro Modern

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The blue and white color pattern of this stunning kitchen gives a retro feel to its modern design touches.

2. Walls

26 Eye Catching Blue Kitchen Designs-2

The blue walls in this kitchen design help to make sure that the ordinary white cabinets pop, adding a sense of dimension.

3. Sleek

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There’s no denying that this kitchen design is incredibly contemporary. Note how the blue keeps the contemporary design from being to “industrial”.

4. Rustic

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The blue color scheme of this rustic kitchen design adds a lot of charm, character and vibrancy.