26 Beautiful and Bright Dining Room Designs

26 Beautiful and Bright Dining Room Designs-titleGiven how much we all enjoy gathering with friends and family around the dining room table, it stands to reason that most want their dining room designs to be as bright as possible. We want our dining rooms to be airy spaces bathed in natural light, where memories form easily due to the cheerfulness and conviviality of the atmosphere.

Creating that atmosphere when designing a dining room isn’t always easy, though. You’ve got to make the right color choices, for example, selecting tones that aren’t too bright and active, but that are also just bright enough to capture the atmosphere you’re after. You’ll also need to consider things like drapes and the material that your dining room table and chairs are made of… Really, there’s an awful lot to think about!

That’s why we’d like to encourage you to check out these 26 beautiful and bright dining room designs. In them, you’ll see the number of different ways that this airy, bright and cheerful atmosphere can be created for your dining room. Also, you’ll see how creating this atmosphere isn’t style exclusive; any design aesthetic you can think of is just as capable of creating a bright space as the next.

1. Yellow and Blue

26 Beautiful and Bright Dining Room Designs-1

This dining room design maximizes the natural light it receives by using a yellow color scheme with blue accents.

2. Beige

Dining room in luxury home with four narrow windows

Here, you have a dining room that’s able to soak in natural light by using beige walls.

3. Taste the Rainbow

26 Beautiful and Bright Dining Room Designs-3

Though it does not receive an abundance of natural light, this dining room achieve brightness with an eclectic color palate.

4. Colorful Piece

26 Beautiful and Bright Dining Room Designs-4

A colorful furniture piece like the one you see here can really add brightness to your dining room design.

5. Get a Spark

26 Beautiful and Bright Dining Room Designs-5

This dining room design gets a lot of spark by making ample use of yellow and green.