26 Amazing Sunken Living Room Designs

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The sunken living room may seem like one of those old trends, but the truth is otherwise. Sunken living rooms continue to be popular, especially now that open-concept homes are so popular as well! Opting for a sunken living room in your home gives you the opportunity to create a sense of space and separation within an open concept, helping you to craft a cozy living room that’s at once modern and unique.

If you’ve written off the idea of a sunken living room for your home, then you should check out the following examples. All of them are quite stunning, and they all adopt different design aesthetics, any of which might be perfect for the overall design choices that you’ve made in your home. Some of these sunken living rooms have a decidedly retro vibe, whereas others would be right at home in the most contemporary house.

So, what have you got to lose? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Come take a look at these 26 amazing sunken living room designs. We bet you’ll like what you see!

1. Simple

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A sunken living room doesn’t need to be gaudy; take this one for example. It’s perfectly comfortable and attractive without being over the top!

2. Grand

26 Amazing Sunken Living Room Designs-2

Proving that sunken living rooms are perfect for open-concept homes, check out this grand example!

3. Cheery

26 Amazing Sunken Living Room Designs-3

Here, you can see a sunken living room design that allows the natural light from the picture windows to shine through fully.

4. Cozy

26 Amazing Sunken Living Room Designs-4

The midcentury design of this sunken living room makes it a nice place to relax and unwind.