26 Amazing Powder Room Designs

26 Amazing Powder Room Designs-titleWhen it comes to designing the bathrooms in your home, the powder room may be the last on your list. After all, most powder rooms are essentially rooms the size of closets with a sink and a toilet. However, you shouldn’t give the powder room such short shrift! As it so happens, you can do a lot with even the tiniest one. With the right design choices, you can even transform a powder room into one of the most attractive and architecturally interesting rooms in your home.

To show you what we mean, we’ve collected pictures of 26 absolutely jaw-dropping powder room designs. As you’ll see as you move from one to the next, the opportunities for doing unique things are virtually limitless, and if the right design principles are applied, then you can create a powder room that will blow your guests’ socks off.

So, take a look! In certain cases, we’ll be showing you some of the most luxurious powder rooms you’ve ever seen! (Did you even think such a thing could exist?) In other cases, we’ll be showing you incredibly small ones that make amazingly efficient (and inspiring) use of space. So, check them out; what’ve you got to lose? Don’t forget the powder room!

1. Reclaimed Wood

26 Amazing Powder Room Designs-1

The reclaimed wood vanity with basin sink is an excellent touch in this powder room design.

2. Modern Luxury

26 Amazing Powder Room Designs-2

The solid, white and rectangular vanity gives this powder room the distinctive look of modern luxury.

3. Tile Vanity

26 Amazing Powder Room Designs-3

Lit underneath, this stunning built-in tile has a lot of personality and is hard to ignore.

4. Accent Wall

26 Amazing Powder Room Designs-4

With a small room like a powder room, you can use an accent wall to increase the sense of dimension.