25 Stunning Kitchen Color Schemes

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When you think about putting together a kitchen, there’s a lot to consider. Naturally you’re going to spend a lot time fussing over cabinet and counter design, choosing materials, and wondering where you should place your appliances. But, once you’ve got the skeleton of the kitchen laid out, you come to the really important decision. What color scheme are you going to choose?

To be sure, there are no easy answers. On the whole, the color scheme you choose for your kitchen is going to depend largely on your personal preferences. That being said, that are some things that you should know about balancing certain kinds of colors with other colors. For example, do you know what colors work best in a predominantly black and white kitchen? Do you know what the color scheme of choice is for the contemporary kitchen?

These are exactly the topics that we’re going to be exploring below. So, if you’re currently embroiled in a kitchen design project of your own, then sit up and take notice. Let’s take a look at these 25 stunning kitchen color schemes and see if we can’t find some inspiration for your own design!

1. Copper

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With darker cabinets like you see in this kitchen, copper accents can work wonderfully!

2. Light Blue

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With an overall black and white color scheme, the light blue walls in this kitchen are awesome.

3. Arresting Red

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The arresting red of this kitchen is balanced perfectly by the black island with white countertop.

4. Green Accent

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Even if you go with a black and white color scheme, you can still incorporate bright colors to add vibrancy.

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