25 Stunning Home Exteriors

21. Creativity

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-21

You’ve got to love the creativity of this contemporary home’s front door, which continues on to the front floor-to-ceiling window.

22. New England Styling

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-22

The black shutters around the windows of this luxurious home’s exterior give the home a decidedly New England vibe.

23. Grand Entrance

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-23

Forget the grand stairway in the foyer, because this home has a grand stairway on its beautiful exterior.

24. Bold Door

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-24

While it won’t work for most homes, you have to respect the choice of a bright-green front door for this small contemporary.

25. Detailing

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-25

The big stuff is always important for a home’s exterior, but check out the small details (particularly on the roof) that totally make the look of this smaller home.

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