25 Stunning Home Exteriors

16. Overgrowth

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-16

The use of plants both around the exterior and actually on top of it give this home a wonderfully charming vibe and an inviting look.

17. Archway

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-17

The simple stone exterior of this home is completed with the archway that perfectly frames the front door.

18. Blue and Red Wood

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-18

The red stain of the wood used on the garage doors and rails of this home’s exterior pops amazingly against the light blue paint.

19. Green Gables

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-19

This home’s gabled roofs and design choices are going to be a dream for anyone who loves Craftsman styling.

20. Bold Contrast

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-20

This home gives a contemporary spin to Craftsman styling, really driving the point home with the contrast between the stone and the deep blue.

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