25 Stunning Home Exteriors

11. Walkway to Front

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-11

Fans of contemporary design with love the way that the front walkway of this home perfectly suggests the exterior beyond.

12. Drawing Attention

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-12

The darker exterior around the big picture window around the front of this house instantly draws the eye toward the interior.

13. Gorgeous Cottage

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-13

Even though this home may be diminutive in terms of size, there’s no denying that its cottage-like exterior is tall in gorgeousness.

14. Subtle Sweep

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-14

Another way to add personality to a contemporary exterior (which is often square) is to incorporate subtle sweeps and curves.

15. Inside / Outside

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-15

The giant circular arrangement of windows on the top of this home’s roof adds visual interest to the exterior and tremendous brightness to the interior foyer.