25 Stunning Home Exteriors

6. Wrap-Around Size

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-6

The wonderful wrap-around porch on this tiny house gives the home a sense of size that it otherwise wouldn’t have.

7. Passing Through

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-7

In a temperate climate, you can’t deny that having a dining room like this, which can completely open up to the outside, would be a wonderful thing to have.

8. Wood and Concrete

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-8

With a contemporary home exterior, adding wood accents can be a wonderful way of keeping things from becoming to ‘institutional’.

9. French Doors

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-9

With a stone façade that features a row of French doors on the bottom level, this home has a sense of luxury that’s hard to beat.

10. Big Windows

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-10

For a contemporary home with a matching exterior, big plate windows can really make a statement in terms of curb appeal.

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