25 Stunning Home Exteriors

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They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and maybe that’s true… However, this same principle doesn’t really apply to homes. A house’s exterior says a lot about the people who own it, as well as about the design of the home that lies just beyond the front door.

Contrary to what some might think, truly solid interior home design begins on the exterior. You want a home that’s beautiful to look at from the road so that your guests can become even more impressed once they see the design of the inside. (Plus, that curb appeal is going to come in handy should the day ever come when you want to sell!)

On the list that follows, we’ve collected 25 stunning examples of home exteriors. From homes that feature classic styling and even those that feature a cottage like vibe, to homes that are decidedly contemporary as contemporary can get, there’s a tremendous diversity of home exteriors here.

While the looks and styles may be diverse, though, one thing is consistent: All of these home exteriors are beautifully and elegantly designed. If you want to have a home that looks great from the road, then you’ve got to see these exteriors!

1. Coastal Charm

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The beautiful shingle stones add a wonderful coastal flair to this home featuring wonderful Craftsman lines and design.

2. Beautiful Balcony

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The A-frame style of the front of this home is perfectly accentuated by the beautiful balcony over the front door.

3. Contemporary Charm

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-3

The contrasting dark grey and white facades on the front of this contemporary Los Angeles home help to accentuate the dimensions and depth of the exterior.

4. Refined Cottage

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-4

This wonderful cottage-style home has a beautiful exterior that’s perfectly complemented by the beautiful wooden front door.

5. Beautiful Brightness

25 Stunning Home Exteriors-5

The light green of this home’s exterior is the perfect complement to the stone on the lower levels, creating a sense of brightness that’s simply infectious.