25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

21. Mirrors

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas-21

Note how the mirrored back of the wall shelves in this small kitchen completely alters the sense of space in the room.

22. Dark Cabinets

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas-22

If you’re inclined to use dark cabinets in your small kitchen design, then be sure to add splashes of color elsewhere.

23. More Glass

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas-23

This small kitchen gets pretty much everything right, especially through the use of glass-front cabinets, like we mentioned earlier.

24. Bright Yellow

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas-24

One color that can work wonders for a smaller kitchen is a light or pastel yellow. Note how it transforms this space entirely.

25. Personality

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas-25

Small kitchens can be tough to design, but as long as you’re inflecting your design with your own personality, you should get something you love.