25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

16. Lighten Up

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas-16

In a small kitchen space, brightly colored décor pieces can really help to lighten up the vibe.

17. Roll Around

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas-17

If you don’t want to go as large as a table, a roll around cart can be an excellent inclusion for a small kitchen design.

18. Over Door

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas-18

When you’re small kitchen is a room to itself, you can install cabinets over the doorway for additional storage.

19. Island of Possibilities

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas-19

Check out the island in this small kitchen design. Note how it’s able to provide the space with a number of different things, from storage to seating.

20. Wall Seating

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas-20

If you want seating in your exceptionally small kitchen, you can install counters like these along the wall. It’s tight, but it’s charming.