25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

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Sometimes, you’ve just got to work with you’ve got. While you may dream of having the largest kitchen known to man, maybe there’s just not enough space in your home to make it happen. That’s fine, though! When it comes to kitchens, bigger isn’t always necessarily better. In fact, bigger kitchens often create more problems for homeowners than they solve.

In truth, even the smallest kitchen can become a dream kitchen if you apply the right design principles. That’s why we’ve decided to put this helpful kitchen design guide together. In it, we’re going to share 25 time-tested tips for designing a small kitchen that you can really enjoy. We’re going to cover everything from choosing the right colors for your walls and cabinets to picking a kitchen island.

Honestly, we think you’ll come to the same conclusion we have by the end of this guide. Small kitchens can be awesome! So, come check out these extremely helpful design tips. And, even if you don’t need the tips, it never hurts to look at what other people are doing with their small kitchens! Maybe you’ll get the spark of inspiration yourself.

1. Shelves

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Rather than using wall cabinets in a small kitchen design, you can use shelves. This helps to preserve a sense of space.

2. Glass Front

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However, if you do want to have wall cabinets in your small kitchen, then consider using glass-front cabinets to achieve the same effect.

3. Island Open Concept

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If you’re going to build an L-shaped kitchen into an open-concept living space, then including an island is a virtual must!

4. Make Use

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If you have blank space next to appliances, then these can be great areas to include shelves for additional storage.

5. Lighting

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In some cases, small kitchens can become dark and dingy. This can be fixed with both in-cabinet and under-cabinet lighting.