25 Serene and Feminine Bathroom Designs

25 Serene and Feminine Bathroom Designs-title

Are you tired of sharing your bathroom with a man? Maybe you’re fortunate enough to live the life of a bachelorette and can have any kind of bathroom that you might want. In either case, you owe it to yourself to have a bathroom that provides a serene place to recharge your batteries and to pamper yourself when you need pampering. In short, you need a serene and feminine design for your bathroom!

When it comes to designing a bathroom with a feminine touch, there are a range of options available to you. At the most basic level, you might want to consider the color scheme and the materials that your sinks, cabinets and other bathroom amenities are made from. Going a step further, though, you may want to look into designs that increase the functionality of your bathroom, that make it much easier for you to do all the things that you do in there.

For this reason, we decided to collect 25 stunning examples of serene, beautiful and feminine bathroom designs. Among them, you’re sure to find something that will strike your fancy, and just maybe one of them will inspire a feminine bathroom design for you home!

1. Peachy Keen

25 Serene and Feminine Bathroom Designs-1

Enormous mirrors and beautiful peach-colored wallpaper make this feminine bathroom design light and airy.

2. A Window

25 Serene and Feminine Bathroom Designs-2

The rustic design of this feminine bathroom is exceptional, and the highlight is definitely the tub situated right below the window.

3. Elegant

25 Serene and Feminine Bathroom Designs-3

The design of this bathroom is exceptionally luxurious, with the chandelier overhead adding just the right touch of femininity.

4. Mirror, Mirror

25 Serene and Feminine Bathroom Designs-4

An elaborate mirror flanked by wall sconces forms the centerpiece of this striking feminine bathroom design.

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