25 Professionally Designed Living Rooms

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When you and your family have all returned home from a long day’s work (or school), there’s one place you dream of returning to: the living room. This is the place where the family gathers every night, whether to talk about the day behind or to watch the latest episode of that television show that you all love so much.

Given how important this space is to the very fabric of your family, doesn’t it seem important that you should make the design of that space all that it should be?

All of that said, we’d be the first to admit that proper living room design is no easy thing! Not only do you have to make sure that the living room features a coherent, pleasing and satisfactory design, you must also make sure that it jibes with the other living spaces in your home – particularly if that home features an open concept.

With this in mind, we thought we’ve collect and share 25 professionally designed living rooms. In these examples, you can see how the masters of interior design do it, all while drawing inspiration for making your living room the most beautiful and comfortable place that it can be!

1. Area and Throw

25 Professionally Designed Living Rooms-1

Visual symmetry is achieved in this professionally designed living room thanks to the area rug tying together with the throw pillows.

2. Different Styles

25 Professionally Designed Living Rooms-2

While the room itself exhibits classic styling, the living room furniture inflects everything with a contemporary flair.

3. Walls and Floor

25 Professionally Designed Living Rooms-3

Check out how the area rug in this professionally designed living room ties together with the walls. So cool!

4. Shadow

25 Professionally Designed Living Rooms-4

The dark furniture in this beautiful living room helps to accentuate the shadows created by the smart placement of light fixtures.

5. Floating

25 Professionally Designed Living Rooms-5

If space allows, then floating your furniture in the middle of the living room space can create a wonderful sense of intimacy.