25 Backyard BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Looks that will Light Up Your Grill!

20. Translucent

25 Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Will Light Up Your Grill-20

With a translucent roof overhead, this metal and granite backyard BBQ kitchen is always bathed in natural light during the day and protected during bad weather.

21. Tight Spaces

image named Outdoor Kitchens2

Even with a small backyard in an urban area, there’s a lot you can do to create an exceptional outdoor kitchen.

22. Grand Fireplace

image named Outdoor Kitchens1

This kitchen had so much stonework that they had to put a rug down to make it feel cozy. And it worked!

23. Inside Out

image named Outdoor Kitchens18

Likewise, you can choose to make your culinary oasis outdoors look just as it might if it were to be located inside of your home. Minus the grill, of course.

24. Poolside

25 Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Will Light Up Your Grill-24

If you choose to situate your outdoor kitchen right next to the pool, you’ll ensure that the chef is never far away from the action during a party.

25. Encased

image named Outdoor Kitchens5

When you choose to partially enclose your backyard BBQ kitchen, you can really create a stunning living space in addition to a chef’s dream.



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