25 Backyard BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Looks that will Light Up Your Grill!

10. Custom Stonework

image named Outdoor Kitchens11

As you can see, this BBQ and associated appliances have been built right into a custom stonework masterpiece by the poolside.

11. Wood Fired

image named Outdoor Kitchens10

The most famous rib enthusiasts in the world would be proud to cook a meal in this outdoor kitchen. Here we have a real wood-fired/charcoal BBQ on the left and a professional smoker on the right.

12. Cover Me

image named Outdoor Kitchens9

Here, you see a living space that provides great cover so that you can cook and eat even in the rain, making for a great feeling of empowerment.

13. Open Concept

image named Outdoor Kitchens8

Color, granite countertops, and top-flight appliances make this one of the most elegant outdoor kitchens we’ve ever seen. And, it’s open concept, so that your guests can help you cook!

14. Poolside

25 Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Will Light Up Your Grill-14

Can you think of a better place to take in football Sunday than this outdoor kitchen / pool / entertainment area? We didn’t think so.

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