25 Backyard BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Looks that will Light Up Your Grill!

5. Grand Wooden Arbor

image named Outdoor Kitchens14

Your backyard kitchen can pull double duty; for example, this backyard kitchen functions as an attractive outdoor bar as well. And this wooden arbor is the most grand one yet!

6. Get Some Shade

image named Outdoor Kitchens13

Here, you see an incredibly attractive backyard kitchen with some wood beams up-top to cast some nice shadows and provide a little shade to your guests.

7. Waterfront

image named Outdoor Kitchens12

This outdoor BBQ is built using a recycled plastic deckboard and is built on a deck with almost-invisible glass railings allowing you to peer over a beautiful waterway.

8. Cool!

25 Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Will Light Up Your Grill-8

With a countertop fire pit, it’s hard to find anything wrong with this absolutely amazing backyard kitchen.

9. Smokin’

25 Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Will Light Up Your Grill-9

Just as you would with a grill, you have plenty of choices when it comes to what’s going to fuel your outdoor kitchen.

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