25 Backyard BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Looks that will Light Up Your Grill!

25 Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Will Light Up Your Grill-title

It seems like everyone these days is the next Top Chef. Perhaps you’re the person that thinks they can sauté vegetables like no one else, or perhaps you’re the person that thinks you’re the grill master. Well, if that’s the case, then you can’t be contained. It’s not enough to simply have a kitchen located within the confines of your home. You need a backyard BBQ outdoor kitchen that’s in the open air, in a place where everyone can see your mastery.

We’re only kidding, of course. But, the backyard BBQ outdoor kitchen has definitely become a thing, and it’s easy to understand why. It allows you to host parties outdoors, while creating the same convivial atmosphere of an indoor dinner party.

If you’re going to have an backyard BBQ outdoor kitchen, though, you want to make sure that it’s something attractive and functional. That’s why we’ve chosen to collect 25 amazing examples of backyard BBQ outdoor kitchens. Here, you’ll find ones that work for luxurious homes just the same as they’d work for more modest ones. Either way, they’re all a culinarian’s dream, and you’re sure to find enough inspiration to fuel the design of your own backyard BBQ outdoor kitchen.

1. Stone

25 Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Will Light Up Your Grill-1

Without a doubt, natural stone is the most popular choice when crafting an backyard kitchen for a home.

2. Pillars

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These pillars are a great way to make your backyard kitchen larger than life. Pillars also provide a durable mounting surface for any lighting and also for outdoor electrical receptacles.

3. Wood Canopy

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Hey, if you’re going to build an backyard kitchen, why not go for a wood canopy so that you can watch TV with your friends?

4. Big Green Egg

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If you’re building your backyard kitchen out of cement, you can easily add a real wood-fired BBQ like this Big Green Egg brand one.