25 of the Hottest Kitchen Noir Designs

25 of the Hottest Kitchen Noir Designs-title

When it comes to kitchens, it seems like everyone is into white, white and more white. And, sure enough, it’s an elegant look that’s worked for kitchens throughout kitchen history, but some homeowners simply want something else. They want a look that’s edgy and modern, something that inflects a bit of personality into their home’s living space.

That’s why the noir kitchen is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners around the globe. As the name suggests, the noir kitchen is one that uses a black or very-dark color scheme. The effect, when designed correctly, can be quite dramatic, creating a sense of space that white kitchens can only hope to achieve.

So, if you’re a person that’s thinking that you’d like to do something different with the design of your home’s kitchen, then we’d encourage you to come take a look at these amazing noir kitchen designs! Each one is different than the last, and each offers inspiration for building a noir kitchen that has balance, poise and elegance.

Truly, once you see how beautiful these kitchens are, you may never think about going white with your kitchen design again! So, let’s check them out, shall we?

1. Infusion

25 of the Hottest Kitchen Noir Designs-1

With dark, black cabinets framed by brilliant wood, this kitchen design infuses its noir look with brighter accents.

2. Black and White

25 of the Hottest Kitchen Noir Designs-2

As you can see in this example, a black and white kitchen design that’s more dark the light is instantly recognizable as contemporary.

3. New Opportunities

25 of the Hottest Kitchen Noir Designs-3

By deciding to go with a contemporary noir theme for your kitchen, you open up the possibility of including bold accent colors.

4. Let It Show

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Of course, an all black design can become oppressive. That’s what makes glass front cabinets such a great choice for noir kitchens!

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