25 Modern Living Room Designs

20. The View

25 Modern Living Room Designs-20

The clean lines and subtlety of modern design can work wonderfully for living rooms that have great views.

21. Retro New

25 Modern Living Room Designs-21

We love how this modern living room design combines contemporary elements with classic mid-century ones.

22. Long and Lean

25 Modern Living Room Designs-22

This modern living room design does an excellent job of filling up the available space without being overpowering.

23. Color Splashes

25 Modern Living Room Designs-23

When you need to add a bit of spark to a modern living room design, consider including some splashes of color through throw pillows and things of that nature.

24. Two Spaces

25 Modern Living Room Designs-24

Rather than having your fireplace and television area in the same space, you can do something like this. It works great with modern décor.

25. Grey and White

25 Modern Living Room Designs-25

When you’re designing a modern living room, you can always fall back on a grey and white color scheme. It always looks refined, and it can be easily spruced up with subtle colorful notes.