25 Modern Living Room Designs

15. Darkness

25 Modern Living Room Designs-15

Modern living rooms have an opportunity to go dark. Check out the combination of a black couch with slate grey walls here.

16. Unique Choices

25 Modern Living Room Designs-16

Combining truly unique décor choices with bold colors can be a wonderful thing to do when designing a modern living room.

17. Eclectic

25 Modern Living Room Designs-17

Likewise, you can choose to combine an eclectic mix of décor items and furniture pieces to great effect. This living room is an excellent example of that.

18. Symmetry

25 Modern Living Room Designs-18

When combining the elements that make up a minimal and modern living room design, symmetry will be your best friend.

19. Exposure

25 Modern Living Room Designs-19

You’ve got to love the charm that the exposed brick and stone walls add to this wonderfully modern living room design.