25 Modern Living Room Designs

10. Lamp

25 Modern Living Room Designs-10

A polished chrome lamp like the on you see in this living room can be an incredible touch when you’re adopting a modern style.

11. Combinations

25 Modern Living Room Designs-11

Going modern doesn’t mean leaving personality behind; note how this living room design combines contemporary lines with tropical styling.

12. Artwork

25 Modern Living Room Designs-12

When you need to add some personality to a more minimal living room design, artwork and photographs can work wonders.

13. Open Space

25 Modern Living Room Designs-13

When you’re building a modern living room for an open-concept living room, always try to preserve a sense of open space.

14. Understated

25 Modern Living Room Designs-14

Preserving this sense of openness can be accomplished by using low-profile and understated furniture pieces.