25 Modern Living Room Designs

5. Orange…

25 Modern Living Room Designs-5

You glad to see me? When you want some spark in a modern living room design, orange can be a great color to use.

6. Slate

25 Modern Living Room Designs-6

The slate stone used to surround the fireplace in this living room is refined and thoroughly luxurious.

7. Unique Solutions

25 Modern Living Room Designs-7

You don’t need to go traditional with your seating in a modern living room design. Instead, you can try something like this.

8. Accents

25 Modern Living Room Designs-8

As with any other living room style, an accent wall can work wonders when you’re adopting a contemporary design aesthetic.

9. Light and Shadow

25 Modern Living Room Designs-9

Modern living room designs will often be quite minimal. This means you need to create drama with light and shadow.