25 Modern Living Room Designs

25 Modern Living Room Designs-title

Out with the old and in with the new, right? If you find yourself saying that to yourself a lot, then we’re willing to bet that you’re a fan of modern design. Sure, the classic designs of yesterday are all well and good, but when it comes to the way your home looks and feels, you want something different. You want to live in an environment that grounds you in the present, and you want those that visit your home to instantly recognize that you and your family are people of refined taste.

When infusing a home with modern design concepts, it often helps to start in the living room, as this is where you, your family, and those that visit you will be spending most of their time. Plus, there are so many beautiful modern furniture pieces that have been designed specifically for living rooms – and who wouldn’t want to go shopping for those? And then there’s laying out the space! Are you ready to do something bold?

Below, we’ve collected 25 examples of beautiful modern living room designs that have things totally nailed. We think you’ll be impressed by what the interior designers have done with these spaces, and that you might be able to get some second-hand inspiration for your own home’s living room. Enjoy!

1. Chevrons

25 Modern Living Room Designs-1

A beautiful chevron pattern, like that used in the rug, can really ad some spark to a modern living room design.

2. Built-In Love

25 Modern Living Room Designs-2

The beauty of the built-in bookshelves of this living room is only exceeded by the beauty of those modern built-in seating features.

3. Looking Out

25 Modern Living Room Designs-3

A fireplace surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows is a beautiful touch for this wonderfully modern living room.

4. Low Profile

25 Modern Living Room Designs-4

The low-profile furniture used throughout this living room is excellent. The contemporary design is given some spark thanks to the use of leather.