25 Luxury Walk-In Showers

20. Two Doorways

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-20

Check out how this luxury master bathroom uses its walk-in shower to divide two halves of the space.

21. Subway Tile

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-21

A solid color arrangement of subway tile can create a distinctive and attractive look for a luxury walk-in shower.

22. Subtle

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-22

Rather than making a statement with the design of this luxury walk-in shower, things are subtler. You might not even notice this picture is taken from standing inside of it!

23. Dark Corner

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-23

While many luxury showers will be open to the bathroom, some will be cut off and private. This one goes for a dark vibe that offsets it from the rest of the space.

24. Boxy

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-24

Those who want to achieve a masculine feel for their luxury walk-in showers would do well to observe the boxy design of this dark one.

25. Cheer Up

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-25

This luxury walk-in shower is perfect for those who want a more cheerful vibe. The bright green creates a space that’s perfect for bright mornings!

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