25 Luxury Walk-In Showers

15. Wall Tiles

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-15

In this all-white luxury bathroom, the luxury walk-in shower distinguishes itself through beautiful marble wall tiles.

16. In The Room

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-16

In contemporary luxury bathrooms, you’ll often see designs like this, which essentially make the walk-in shower a part of the space at large.

17. Slight Color Change

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-17

Note how the bank of tiles on the wall of this walk-in shower mirrors the tiles on the floor – although they’re slightly darker.

18. Serpentine

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-18

This walk-in shower is incredible, arranged in a serpentine pattern in the direct center of the space.

19. Zen Style

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-19

With a plant situated beneath a skylight, this luxury walk-in shower exudes a Zen-like calm that’s hard to ignore.

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