25 Luxury Walk-In Showers

10. Space Grey

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-10

Situated behind a soaking tub that extends into the room, this walk-in shower features a space-grey color scheme that’s decidedly modern.

11. Clear Luxury

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-11

With beautiful wooden walls and floors, this luxury walk-in shower is created solely by three plates of glass.

12. Floor-to-Floor

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-12

The way that this luxury bathroom keeps its flooring consistent from the front to the back is truly impressive.

13. Rain Down

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-13

The rain shower is something that many people want; make sure you have the walk-in shower design that completes the relaxing effect.

14. Semi-Circle

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-14

You’ve got to love the location of this luxury bathroom’s walk-in shower, which has two doors opening to it.

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