25 Luxury Walk-In Showers

5. Contemporary

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-5

With a minimal look, this wonderful walk-in shower is decidedly contemporary, perfectly melding into the space it occupies.

6. Big Size

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-6

This amply sized walk-in shower with beautiful tile work is flanked by a striking wood double vanity.

7. Cool Bench

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-7

This already stunning walk-in shower is made even more impressive thanks to the massive piece of stone that serves as its bench.

8. Mosaic

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-8

Here, the walk-in shower features beautiful black and white mosaic tile, offering a wonderful contrast to the marble floor tiles.

9. A Whole Room

25 Luxury Walk In Showers-9

With a bench built into the wall beneath pressurized glass windows, this walk-in shower almost feels like a whole room to itself.

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