25 Luxury Walk-In Showers

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When you’re putting together the ultimate luxury master bathroom, there’s going to be one thing that’s on the top of your wish list: the walk-in shower. While having a shower and tub combination can be convenient, it’s decidedly not very elegant. Plus, when your shower is trying to also be a tub (or visa versa) you don’t usually end up with the best of both worlds; you end up with a compromise of each.

If you’re looking to install a walk-in shower in your master bathroom, or if you’re giving an update to one, then it would do you well to check out some amazing designs by other homeowners. Ultimately, by having a walk-in shower that’s beautiful and well constructed, you’ll be giving yourself a sanctuary to which you can return every morning after waking up. Truly, it’s impossible to overestimate the value of having something like that in your home!

So, forget about those shower/tub combos, and come take a look at true luxury when it comes to showers! We’re sure you’re going to love these walk-in shower designs; so much so, that you may just want to copy one of them all together!

1. Surround Sound

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With glass surrounding it on three sides, this luxury walk-in shower makes its statement with mismatched marble tile.

2. Half Wall

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This luxury walk-in shower is incorporated into the rest of the space beautifully, with a half wall providing a bit of privacy.

3. Dramatic Tile

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This luxury walk-in shower is made from the same tile that lines the floors without, tying it into the space.

4. Double Bench

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This ornately detailed walk-in shower features benches on each side, both with their own shower heads.