25 Luxury Home Exterior Designs

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A home is meant to be lived in; that’s just a fact. But, you do need to think about the exterior of your home. For one, pulling up the driveway to a beautiful home after a hard day’s work can make the whole endeavor feel worthwhile. More practically, though, having an attractive home exterior can dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home, which will have you seeing dollar signs whenever it comes time to sell.

If you think that your home’s exterior is in need of a facelift, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected 25 stunning examples home exteriors that have luxury in spades. Of course, it might require a pretty penny to match many of these designs, but they should be inspirational all the same. Sometimes, even the smallest alteration to a certain aspect of your home’s exterior, whether it’s the front yard, the shutters, or even the front door, can do a world of good!

So come take a look at these amazing luxury home exteriors that we’ve collected, and gawk at how well composed they are! And, if you come across a design that inspires you, and you follow through, then be sure to show us the results so that we can share them with others!

1. Picture Windows

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The ample picture windows of this home’s second floor are the perfect complement to the well lit and beautiful patios below.

2. Cacti

25 Luxury Home Exterior Designs-2

Flanked by cacti, the walkway that leads to this stunning luxury home lets you know what you’re in for.

3. Continuation

25 Luxury Home Exterior Designs-3

Check out how the design of the walkway leading to this contemporary home continues up the façade.

4. Natural Light

25 Luxury Home Exterior Designs-4

Although you will be sacrificing a degree of privacy, having large windows will increase the natural light within your home and make the exterior more visually interesting.

5. Landscaping

25 Luxury Home Exterior Designs-5

The elegant landscaping along the front walkway completes the aesthetic of this contemporary luxury home.