25 Living Rooms With Hardwood Floors

25 Living Rooms With Hardwood Floors-title

Is there anything more beautiful than hardwood floors in your home? To be sure, it’s the dream of most homeowners to have those boards laid throughout every inch of living space. Nowhere do they work better, though, than in the living room. Hardwood floors give you the blank slate upon which you can create the living room of your dreams, something that your entire family can enjoy for many years to come.

However, we’re lying a little bit here. Hardwood floors aren’t simply a blank slate, they can actually be something that completely transforms the look and feel of your living room. When you pair the right stain, grain and board width with the right accouterments, you can create a living room that has that luxurious feel that so many people want.

To show you what’s possible with living room hardwood floors, we’ve collected 25 stunning examples. In them, you’ll see how hardwood floors can work with virtually any living room design you can think of, from the ultra rustic to the supremely contemporary. In a few words, hardwood floors are awesome and versatile. So, come take a look at these amazing living rooms, and see if you can’t find something that might work perfectly for your home!

1. Dark to Light

25 Living Rooms With Hardwood Floors-1

The dark and richly stained hardwood floors of this living room create the sense that the furniture is popping out.

2. Contemporary Cleanliness

25 Living Rooms With Hardwood Floors-2

The grey leather furniture of this contemporary living room design works wonderfully with the deeply stained hardwood floors.

3. Something New

25 Living Rooms With Hardwood Floors-3

This living room does something unique; instead of using planks, it uses hardwood tiles. The effect is quite striking!

4. Brightness

25 Living Rooms With Hardwood Floors-4

When you’re trying to preserve natural light in a living room space, lightly stained hardwood floors are the perfect choice.