25 Kitchens with Stunning Wood Counters

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When you turn on one of those HGTV programs, what’s the one thing you always hear prospective homebuyers saying? Do you have your answer already? That doesn’t surprise us, because everyone’s always saying, “I want an updated kitchen with beautiful granite countertops!” Granite, granite, granite.

Look, we’re not going to say that there’s anything wrong with granite. It’s a wonderful material that can be incredibly attractive in the right kitchen design. But, here’s the thing those homebuyers and many others don’t realize: granite isn’t the end-all-be-all when it comes to kitchen countertops. There are many other materials to consider, including the classics. In fact, some of those other materials might look better (and perform better) than the ever-popular granite.

Chief among those are wood countertops. They’re the original countertop, and they still look as amazing today as when the first one was placed on top of a bank of cabinets. Regardless of what design style you’re going for, granite countertops can work exceptionally, from rustic to contemporary.

So, before you settle on granite, come check out these 25 kitchens with stunning wood countertops. See for yourself why wood counters might be the ultimate solution for your home’s kitchen.

1. Solid Piece

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Often, you’ll see wood countertops used for center islands. Check out the beautiful countertop here, which is made from a single piece of lumber.

2. Setting Apart

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When you’re trying to go for a bold color scheme, it can sometimes help to set your center island apart with a wood countertop.

3. Dark on Dark

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Check out the stunning effect that combining a dark wood countertop with dark hardwood floors can have.

4. Glossy Love

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The glossy finish on the light wood countertops in this kitchen is a perfect complement to the white cabinets.