25 Kitchens With Hardwood Floors

20. Cherry On Cherry

25 Kitchens With Hardwood Floors-20

The cherry finish of the hardwood floors, which is mirrored in the cabinets, separates this gorgeous kitchen within this open-concept space.

21. Black Island

25 Kitchens With Hardwood Floors-21

One can’t help but love the way the black center island pops out against the beautiful hardwood floors in this kitchen.

22. Matching

25 Kitchens With Hardwood Floors-22

Note how the metal stools and the kitchen tabletop in this space perfectly complement the washed-out tone of the hardwood floors.

23. Switching It

25 Kitchens With Hardwood Floors-23

You’ve got to love the grey cabinets of this contemporary kitchen and how they work against the rich cherry notes of the hardwood floors.

24. Home

25 Kitchens With Hardwood Floors-24

Hardwood floors are amazing in pretty much any kitchen design you can imagine. Look at how beautiful they are here.

25. Choose Your Wood

25 Kitchens With Hardwood Floors-25

There are so many options when it comes to hardwood floors. Choose something that has the look and warmth that you want, and you’re sure to be happy with the way those hardwood floors look in your kitchen.