25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens

20. Woody

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-20

Of course, you may not want to go that far! If that’s the case, then draw inspiration from the center island in this stunning design.

21. French Tinge

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-21

The use of light green for the cabinets and other surfaces in this kitchen gives the farmhouse style a decidedly French country tinge.

22. Hanging Lights

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-22

The light fixtures for the center island of this design are the ideal when it comes to farmhouse style. You’d be wise to do the same.

23. Dishes

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-23

Typically, you’ll include exposed shelves in a farmhouse design. This means you’ll want to have dishes, pots and pans that can be displayed in the open.

24. Contrast

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-24

While adopting the form of the farmhouse style, this kitchen makes some interesting color choices, particularly by building contrast with the black features.

25. Subtle Touches

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-25

This award-winning farmhouse kitchen design features many subtle touches, including the large hood over the range at the back of the space.

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