25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens

15. Darker

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-15

Those who want a darker farmhouse kitchen would do well to note the wood tones used in this design.

16. Filling Up

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-16

With a farmhouse kitchen that features high ceilings, you’ll need to think about effective ways of filling the vertical space.

17. Irregular

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-17

While irregularly shaped spaces can be the enemy of other kitchen styles, they can be perfect for farmhouse style ones.

18. Lighting

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-18

The recessed lighting that’s been installed in this farmhouse kitchen really adds drama to the design.

19. Dark Counters

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-19

If you need something that’s a little more “in your face”, then pairing wood with dark countertops can be ideal for your farmhouse kitchen design.

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