25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens

10. Wood Counters

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-10

Everyone’s obsessed with granite countertops. With a farmhouse kitchen, though, wood may be the right choice.

11. Décor

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-11

To really get a farmhouse style that recalls the feelings of home, you’ll want to choose the right décor items to accentuate the space.

12. Neat Shelves

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-12

Rather than going with wall cabinets, the designer of this farmhouse kitchen installed shelves with translucent sliding doors.

13. Beauty Through Simplicity

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-13

It’s not the most ornate or decorative center island you’ve ever seen, but its simplicity really contributes to the farmhouse feel.

14. Beaming

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-14

Something that really adds charm and personality to a farmhouse style kitchen are wood beams overhead.

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