25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens

5. Tile Floor

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-5

With a textured paint job on the walls, this farmhouse design is further accentuated by the red tiles beneath.

6. Sinking In

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-6

The real standout in this farmhouse kitchen design is the double-basin sink, which also features dual faucets.

7. Detailed Edges

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-7

The intricate design of this farmhouse kitchen is unmistakable, and it’s truly brought out by the intricate counter edge on the center island.

8. Not White

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-8

While white is fairly typical of the farmhouse kitchen, you’ll also often see a brown color scheme featuring ample exposed wood.

9. Green

25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens-9

Of course, you’re not completely limited when it comes to color. The muted green of this small farmhouse style kitchen works quite nicely.

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