25 Farmhouse Style Kitchens

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Kitchen styles are as varied as the different kinds of homeowners that are out there! That said, there are some kitchen styles that are more popular than others, particularly the ones that have endured through the years. One such kitchen style that always makes homeowners sit up and take notice – regardless of their own design and styling proclivities – is the farmhouse kitchen.

There are a number of different reasons for the enduring popularity of the farmhouse style, but if you ask us, then it has to do with one thing. Farmhouse style has a clean elegance to it that works wonderfully within a variety of different home settings. Just the same as a farmhouse style kitchen will work amazingly in a home featuring country style and accents, it can also work in even the most modern and contemporarily designed of homes. It’s that versatile.

Really, that versatility comes down to the cleanliness of the look and the simplicity of the style. It’s just elegant, and that’s what makes it enduring.

So, could a farmhouse style kitchen be right for your home? Find out by checking out these 25 amazing examples. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration below, and maybe you’ll even find a design that you can copy outright!

1. Personality

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The black center island with wood countertop and shelves adds some real personality to this white farmhouse kitchen design.

2. Clean Edges

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The clean edges and wainscoting on the ceiling add some modern edge to this stunning white farmhouse kitchen.

3. Color Splash

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Little splashes of color here and there through the curtains and décor really add some charm to this stunning farmhouse style kitchen design.

4. Backsplash

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While you’ll often see subway tiles in farmhouse kitchens when it comes to backsplashes, stone tiles can work just as well.

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