25 Elegant Kitchens with Hardwood Floors

25 Elegant Kitchens with Hardwood Floors-title

There are some trends in kitchen design that seem like they’re here to stay. First and foremost, there are granite countertops. People just can’t seem to get enough of those. Then, of course, there are hardwood floors, which are becoming increasingly popular for kitchen environments, given that more and more homeowners are going for open-concept floor plans.

Now, you may be looking down at the floor of your kitchen, thinking that it needs an update. Maybe you’ve got some tile down there, or maybe you’ve even got linoleum flooring. Whatever the case, if you’re updating your kitchen’s flooring system (or building a new kitchen entirely), you’ve really got to give hardwood floors some consideration. Not only are they incredibly durable, they’re often quite beautiful, enhancing the other design elements of the space.

Not sure yet? Want to see what hardwood kitchen floors look like in action? Well, we’ve got you covered! Come take a look at these 25 elegant kitchens with hardwood floors! We’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration below, and maybe even a design that you can copy wholesale!

1. Washed Out

25 Elegant Kitchens with Hardwood Floors-1

The washed out finish of the wide-board hardwood floors of this contemporary kitchen allows the other design elements to stand out.

2. Opposing Directions


With the direction of the hardwood floors being perpendicular to the direction of the wood counter on the center island, the eye is drawn into this kitchen.

3. Coffee Dark

25 Elegant Kitchens with Hardwood Floors-3

The rich coffee stain on the hardwood floors of this kitchen works perfectly with the off-white cabinets.

4. Super Dark

25 Elegant Kitchens with Hardwood Floors-4

With super dark hardwood floors extending throughout this open-concept area, the white cabinets and powder blue backsplash really stand out.

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