25 Crazy Awesome Home Staircase Designs

25 Crazy Awesome Home Staircase Designs-title

When you’re trying to design your dream home, there are plenty of things that require your attention. One that often gets overlooked are your home’s staircases. Sure, they serve the completely utilitarian function of providing a means of access between two floors. However, if you have well-designed staircases, ones that contribute to the overall look and feel of your home, you can really transform an already great home design into something memorable and unique.

On this list, you’ll find 25 examples of crazy awesome staircases. Each one features a unique look and feel that contributes something to the living spaces that surround them. Many of these, you’ll note, feature contemporary styles, with interesting lines, metal and wood. However, that’s not all that we’ve collected. You’ll also find examples of staircases that adopt a traditional look, but that also do so in an exceptionally well-though-out manner.

So, if you’re currently involved in crafting a design for a new home, or if you’re redesigning the one you already have, then take a look! We’re sure that you’ll find plenty of inspiration in these stunning home staircase designs, and they’ll certainly open your eyes up to the virtually limitless possibilities that are available to you!

1. Lighting

25 Crazy Awesome Home Staircase Designs-1

The dark wood of this beautiful contemporary home staircase is beautifully illuminated by foot-level lights.

2. Spirals

25 Crazy Awesome Home Staircase Designs-2

Those who’ve always wanted to have a library in their home will appreciate the slim design of this room and its spiral staircase.

3. Outside of the Box

25 Crazy Awesome Home Staircase Designs-3

Although we’re not sure what this staircase is like to walk on, there’s no denying it has a singular and unique look.

4. Minimal

25 Crazy Awesome Home Staircase Designs-4

This minimal wood and metal staircase with a glass side keeps this open-concept living space nice and airy.

5. Storage

25 Crazy Awesome Home Staircase Designs-5

Check out how this home staircase has been designed to provide a unique storage solution.