25 Bright Living Rooms

20. Different Colors

25 Bright Living Rooms-20

Many bright living rooms will be white; however there are other colors you can consider. Check out how charming the green is here.

21. More Windows

25 Bright Living Rooms-21

When it comes to having a bright living room, the more windows the merrier. This example proves this fact in spades.

22. No Clutter

25 Bright Living Rooms-22

Clutter is the enemy of brightness. When trying to create a bright living room atmosphere, remember that minimalism is almost always best.

23. What Sets The Tone

25 Bright Living Rooms-23

There are a lot of dark elements in this living room design, but it remains bright. Why? Because the ceiling and floor are setting the tone of the space.

24. More Simplicity

25 Bright Living Rooms-24

By floating the simple furniture in the middle of the space, this living room design makes the most of its white color scheme and natural light.

25. Whatever You Want

25 Bright Living Rooms-25

As long as you’re making choices that maximize window views, natural light, and vibrant color choices, you can make the bright living room of your dreams!

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