25 Bright Living Rooms

15. Lighting

25 Bright Living Rooms-15

With an absence of natural light, lighting and color will be important. Note how the dark couch works here, because there’s ample lighting on the ceiling.

16. Unique Solutions

25 Bright Living Rooms-16

Instead of going with simple recessed or track lighting, this stunning living room uses unique ceiling features with hidden lighting.

17. Color Is Your Friend

25 Bright Living Rooms-17

Imagine if this living room didn’t include all of these bright, cheerful throw pillows. It wouldn’t be nearly as bright as it is.

18. Face The Window

25 Bright Living Rooms-18

If your living room features a large window or windows, make sure to arrange your furniture in a way that faces those windows.

19. Low Grey

25 Bright Living Rooms-19

If you want to go darker with your furniture, consider going with low-profile pieces. They preserve the sense of openness (and thus brightness) in your living room.

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