25 Bright Living Rooms

10. No Obstructions

25 Bright Living Rooms-10

In order to maximize the brightness of your living room, be sure to arrange your furniture in such a way that it’s exposed to natural light to the highest degree.

11. Popping Out

25 Bright Living Rooms-11

When going with a cooler or more neutral color scheme for your bright living room, including splashes of bright color is always a sound design decision.

12. Stripes

25 Bright Living Rooms-12

This bright living room uses a dark couch complemented by striped accent chairs. These draw the dark couch into the brighter color scheme of the space.

13. Drawing The Eye

25 Bright Living Rooms-13

In many ways, the color of your couch can set the tone for your living room. Note how the aqua blue in this example really establishes the tone in this example.

14. Come Inside

25 Bright Living Rooms-14

A bright living room is often an airy one. If you have the ability, consider finding a way to tie your living room to an outdoor living space.

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