25 Bright Living Rooms

5. Dark Wood

25 Bright Living Rooms-5

Within a bright living room, you will necessarily want to add contrasting darkness to generate a sense of dimension. The dark wood in this example accomplishes this beautifully.

6. Hardwood Floors

25 Bright Living Rooms-6

Another great way to accentuate brightness and natural light is to go with lighter hardwood floors with thinner boards.

7. Eclectic Feel

25 Bright Living Rooms-7

In a brighter living room, you can get away with being more eclectic with your design choices. Check out the clashing (but beautiful) elements of this example.

8. Beige and White

25 Bright Living Rooms-8

In a living room that’s denied a great deal of natural light, neutral colors like beige will work great with an overall white color scheme.

9. Cheery Yellow

25 Bright Living Rooms-9

While a bright yellow color scheme like this won’t appeal to everyone, there’s no denying the brightness that it imparts.

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