25 Bright Kitchen Designs

20. Ceiling

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-20

Check out the amazing visual appeal of the wood ceiling in this deliciously bright kitchen design.

21. Modern Minimalism

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-21

You’ve got to love the modern minimalism of this amazing kitchen, as well as how the color scheme makes it bright and inviting.

22. Color Splashes

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-22

You may not ordinarily think of orange when you think of kitchen cabinets, but check out how that color aids the brightness of this contemporary kitchen design.

23. Shelves

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-23

Another thing you can do to increase the sense of invitingness in a bright kitchen is to use a lot of exposed shelves.

24. Natural Light

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-24

Some kitchens are just naturally bright because of the light they receive. If this is the case with your kitchen, then you can use darker and more interesting surfaces.

25. Find Your Bliss

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-25

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to creating a bright kitchen. Simply, find your bliss in terms of design, and you’re sure to be pleased!

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