25 Bright Kitchen Designs

10. Chairs and Tables

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-10

In an open concept kitchen, you’ll have to consider the colors of your tables and chairs when it comes to keeping the bright vibe going.

11. Light Wood

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-11

To add a sense of warmness and brightness to a modern kitchen design, use light wood surfaces like you see here.

12. More Contrast

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-12

Need more inspiration in the building contrast department? Well take a look at this bright kitchen design, because it gets this important thing right!

13. Flooring

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-13

When it comes to capturing light and increasing brightness, you can’t do better than white cabinets combined with white floors.

14. Wood and White

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-14

Now, you don’t need to use all light wood surfaces in a bright modern kitchen. You can mix in white (and a little black to contrast).

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