25 Bright Kitchen Designs

5. Yellow

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-5

If you want a kitchen design that recalls the warmth of fresh sunshine, then the only choice is yellow for your cabinets!

6. Contrast

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-6

Of course, if you go with an aggressive color like yellow, you’ll want to add some contrast. This kitchen design does this wonderfully.

7. Antiqued

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-7

With a white kitchen, you can use antiqued surfaces to break things up. Also, wood countertops work great for completing the “bright vibe”.

8. Eclectic Look

Modern interior of kitchen

Bright colors and patterns yield an eclectic look for a kitchen; perhaps this is similar to what you have in mind?

9. Nighttime

25 Bright Kitchen Designs-9

Hey, it’s not going to be daytime all the time! At night, you can use under-cabinet lighting to keep things bright.

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