25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms

15. Texture

25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms-15

While you may spend a lot of time thinking about colors for your master bedroom, don’t forget that texture can contribute a lot too!

16. Something Different

25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms-16

Though it may not appeal to everyone, you can’t deny the beauty of the white drapes used in this luxurious master bedroom design.

17. Headboard Wall

25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms-17

Rather than simply installing a headboard behind the bed, this beautiful master bedroom uses an upholstered accent wall. The effect is wonderful.

18. Canopy

25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms-18

This beautiful master bedroom has a wonderfully subdued color scheme that’s completed by the rustic canopy over the bed.

19. Red

25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms-19

When you want to lend an “earthy” vibe to your master bedroom design, consider including deep red in the color scheme. This example demonstrates this masterfully.

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