25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms

10. Elevated Romance

25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms-10

While we might wish to update the carpeted floors, the elevated area for the bed is a wonderfully romantic touch for this master bedroom.

11. Reclaimed Wood

25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms-11

In this example, lovely classic furniture pieces have been selected to complement the beautiful reclaimed wood ceiling.

12. Functional Elegance

25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms-12

Not only do the built-in shelves and cabinets of this master bedroom contribute functionality, their light color lends a sense of brightness.

13. Lighting

25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms-13

Going for a dark, minimalist vibe, this wonderful contemporary master bedroom uses smart recessed lighting to accentuate its charm.

14. New Choice

25 Beautiful Master Bedrooms-14

Some homeowners are electing to install windows that open into their en-suite bathrooms. This example does so very nicely.

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